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Full text of "Henry County. From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et seq."

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by Henry Willcocks & Co. It was followed April 2, 1788 
by the Virginia Centinel or the Winchester Mercury issued 
by Richard Bowen & Co., who later on issued both the 
Gazette and the Centinel. Bowen was succeeded succes- 
sively by Collett, by John Hass, by John Heiskell, by 
Freeland and Lewis Eichelberger, who was succeeded by 
several others until Judge J. H. Sherrard secured posses- 
sion. He published the Virginian in 1827. 

Sentinel of the Valley, (w) 

Vol. 19, No. 9, Nov. 5, 1825 — Oct. 28, 1826, 2 vols. 
Published by James H. Smoot. 


The Republican and Virginia Constitutionalist, (w) 

Vol. 1, No. 12, March 20, 1844-Sept. 11, 1844. S. N. 

February 5, January and May, 1845. 
Edited by Harold Smythe and published by G. L. Rhoton, 
succeeded by Smythe alone. 

(to be continued.) 


From its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth 
Century, et seq. 

From the records of the clerks office, by C. B. Bryant, Martinsville, Va. 

1 st. Lists of persons renouncing allegiance to Great Britain 
and swearing allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia, form 
of oath, &c. 

" I do Swear or Affirm that I do renounce and refuse all alli- 
giance to George the Third, King of Great Britain, his Heirs 
and Successors, and that I will be Faithfull and bear true alii- 
geance to the Common Wealth of Virginia, as a Free and Inde- 



pendent State, and that I will not at any time, do, or Cause to 
be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or Injurious 
to the Freedom and Independence thereof, as declared by Con- 
gress, and also, that I will discover and make known to some 
one Justice of the Peace for said State, all Treasons or Traiterous 
Conspiracies which I know or shall hereafter know to be Formed 
against this or any of the United States of America. So help 
me God. 

Jacob McCraw, 
Jos. King, 
William McCraw, 
Henry Harris, 
David Matlock, 
Henry Baughn, 
James Stennet, 
John Briscoe, 
Thos. Dooling, 
Christopher Boling, s r , 
Kinney McKinsey, 
Daniel Ramey, 
John Alexander, 
Thomas Winningham, 
Jno. Curselly, 
Thomas Hall, 
Abner Willingham, 
Thos. Dottey, 
John Rea, 
James McPeak, 
Joseph Boling, 
Henry Dunlop, 
James Blevens, Jun r , 
John Land, 
Wm. Heard, 
Christopher Boling, 
Richard Copland, 
Ambrose Jones, 
Thos. Parseley, 
Wm. Jones, 
John Matlock, 

James Anthony, 
Jos. Cooper, 
Rubin Baughn, 
Samuel Byrd, 
Aristiphus Baughn, 
John Isham, 
Thos. Garner, 
Jos. Baker, 
John Robinson, s r , 
Joseph Bradberry, 
George Lessier, 
Andrew Ray, 
James Rey, 
Nathan Hall, 
Jno. Woodson, 
Julas Scrugs, 
James Meredith, sen', 
Moses Dottey, 
Charles Burns,. se r , 
John Rennoe, 
Michal Dillingham, 
Robert Cave, 
Juner Meredith, 
Daniel Smith, 
John Jemerson, 
John Stokes, 
John Minter, 
John Parseley, 
Patrick McBride, 
Edward Polley, 
James Matlock, 



John Boling, 
Robert Harris, 
Martin Bunch, 
Armstead Anderson, 
Thos. Willingham, sen', 
John Alexander, sen', 
Morris Webb, 
Thos. Nelson, 
Randolph Hall, 
Merry Hall, 
George Pool, 
Wm. Alexander, 
Nimrod Hanbrick, 
Hezekiah Jorden, 
John Dillingham, 
William Blevens, Jun', 
Moses Parsell, 
Ignatius Sims, 
John Cooper, 
Thomas Land, 
David Bunch, 
William Blevins, Se', 
Joseph Newman, 
Micajah Bool, 
Andrew Burns, 
John Hall (son of S.). 
Rodsham Moore, 
George Phillips, 
Daniel Newman, 
Abraham Parseley, 
Thomas Henry, 
Aucusten Thomas, 
Samuel Blevins, 

Trewman Briscoe, 
John Hall, 
Wm. Finch, 
Merry Webb, 
Sam 1 Hall, sen', 
Thos. Webb, Jun', 
Gatewood Dunn, 
Abraham Franklin, 
Thomas Finch, 
Wm. East, 
Hezekiah Salmon, 
Wm. Meredith, 

Williby Blevens, 

John Good, 
John Perremon, 
Richard Pursell, 

Charles Burnett, Sen', 

Thos. Cooper, 

Richard Dunn, 

Thomas Callon, 

Elisha Walden, 1 

John Blevins, 
John Crouch, Se', 

Archibal Boling, 

William Burns, 

Thomas Baley, 

Richard Holt, 

William Faris, 

George Daniel, 

Robert C" Jones, 

Garret Moore, 

Dillion Blevins, 

S. John Litten Jones, from 
North Carolina." 

"A List of those that Refuse, October 7," 1777. 

John Crouch, Ju', Bradley Meredith. 

The above is a true copy of the Names that have sworn 



affirmed Before me. Given under my hand & Seal this 31 Day 
of December, 1777. 

George Waller. [Seal.] 

October 31, 1777 — Henry county, to-wit: 

I Do Hereby Certify that the following Persons hath taken 
and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity 
as Directed by an act of general assembly, Intituled an act to 
oblige the free male Inhabitants of this State above Certain age 
to give assurance of allegiance to the same and for other Pur- 

William Bohanan, 
Oen Reubles, 
Bailey Carter, 
Richard Reel, 
John Reel, 
James Reel, 
Francis Armstrong, 
Isack Hill, 
Churchill Blakey, 
John Mullings, 
Mical Beel, 
Andrew Beel, 
Daniel Ross, 
James Yung, 
John Ross, 
Robert Grimmit, 
William Rentfro, 
Joel Walker, 

Richard Stanley, 
Gedeon Smith, 
Joseph Davice, 
Ambrous Mullings, 
William Yung, 
William Stanley, 
Thomas Hancock, 
William Stanley, Ju r , 
William Mullings, 
Thomas Roberts, 
John Stanley, 
Robert Stanley, 
David Atkins, 
Abednego Turner, 
John Rentfro, 
John Yung, 
David Barton, 
William Thorp, 

John Philpott. 

Dennis Obriant, John Bryant, Daniel Brilliman, Refuseth to 
take and subscribe the oath or affirmation of allegiance to the 
Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Given from under my hand and seal this 19 Day of January, 

Peter Saunders. 


A True Copy of the Originall List of Names of those that 



have taken the State Oath before 
1777, August 30th. 

John Burns, 

George Taylor, 

Hugh McKeen, 

Uriah Hardman, 

Abraham Mays, 

David Mays, 

Robert Chandler, 

Alexander Lyle, 

John Medlock, Se r , 

John Remey, 

William Hay, 

Thomas Cooper, 

Bailey Chandler, 

Adojah Harber, 

Waters Dunn, 

Henry Mays, 

John Hardman, 

Randall Smith, 

Benjamin Hubbart, 

John Smith, 

Toliver Cox, 

Waters Dunn, Ju r , 

David Gibson, 

Jessey Willingham, 

James Dicks, 

Thomas Mosley, 

James Sames, 

Joseph Goodman, 

John Cowler, 

Samuel Burns, 

Charles Bonner, 

William Alexander, 

William Williams, 

Jessey Collins, 

Thomas-Jameson, Tay 1 ", 

Lucus Luray, 

John Lurray, 

me the subscriber 


James King, 

Stephen Mayr, 

William Hardman, 

Howel Evey, 

Shered Mays, 

John Jonokin, 

Thomas Hubbart, 

Elisha Harbour, 

John Medlock, Ju', 

Joshua Mayberry, 

Samuel Gray, 

Hance McKeen, 

Alexander McKeen, 

Thomas Collier, 

Phillip Augren,' 

Joseph Williams, 

Joseph Chandler, 

Mark Adkins, 

John Dobs, 

Thomas McKeen, 

Benjamin Oakly, 

Samuel Seymour, 

James Taylor, 

Zacaria Smith, 

Benjamin Moore, 

David Harber, 

James Boland, 

Joseph Hammond, 

John Willingham, 

Moses Riddle, 

John Smith, 

John Alexander, 

George Rowland, 

Thomas Jamerson, B. Sm ,h , 

George Rowland, Ju r , 

William Hollendsworth, 

James Hollandsworth, 



John Simmons, John Lynd, 

Jessey Chandler, Alexander Cavin, 

William Shropshire, John Witt, 

John Smith, Phillip Ryan. 

Given under my hand and seal this first day of January, 1778. 
Henry County in the State of Virginia. 

Thos. Hamilton. [Seal.] 

Abner Harbour has refused to take & Subscribe the Oath or 
affirmation of allegiance. 

Thos. Hamilton. 

A List of Persons who took 
James Lyon, Esq., 1777. 

Eli Landford, 
David Rogers, 
Augustin Brown, 
David Lawson, 
John Pain, 
John Cantwell, 
Wm. Davison, 
Elijah Chism, 
John Lawson, 
James Gates, 
James Helton, 
Peter Hudson, 
Wm. McCoy, 
William Smith, Sen', 
Joseph Cloud, Jun', 
Tames Johnson, 
John Daniel, Jun r , 
John Gowing, 
David Hinton, 
Thomas Richards, 
Joseph Williss, 
Thomas Madcaff, 
William Lawson, 
Eliphaz Shelton, 
Jowl Lyon, 

the Oath of Alligiance before 

Edwr d Tatum, 
George Rogers, 
Moses Dickerson, 
Matthew Sims, 
Joseph Cloud, Se r , 
Adam Cantwell, 
Augustin Hunnicutt, 
John Hall, 
John Daniel, Sen r , 
Harris Wilson, 
Wm. Midkiff, 
Wm. Denson, 
John Parr, Sen', 
Henry Smith, 
Elisha Ivie, 
Isham Solomon, 
Thomas Williss, 
John Bailey, 
Nathan Midkiff, 
Samuel Loggans, 
David Gowing, 
William Rob Hinton, 
Joseph Epperson, 
John Chisum, 
John Duncan, 



Peter Blanchet, 
Tolton Woody, 
Will™ Lawson, 

George Carter, 
Will m Logine, 
Bartlet Sims. 

A List of Persons who hath taken the Oath of allegiance be- 
fore Edmund Lyne, Esq., August 30th, 1777. 

Jno. Cunningham, 
William Adams, 
Henry Sumpter, 
Henry Lyne, 
John Long, 
Nathaniel Tate, 
Henry Bradberry, 
Francis Holt, 
John Ramsay, 
George Reeves, 
Sam' Pack wood, 
James Goddard, 
Thomas Hollingsworth, 
Peter Rickman, 
John Barker, 
Wm. Collier, 
John Salmon, 
Robert Woods, 
James Lyon, 
Brice Martin, 
John Wells, 
Tho s Henderson, 
Will Tunstall, 
Tho s Hamilton, 
Wm. Furguson, 
Wm. Maviteg, 
Thos. Jones, 
Josiah Carter, 
Henry Diller, 
Carr Bailey, 
John Noe, Sen', 
John Turner, 

Robt. Penyman, 
Benj" Dillen, 
John Dillion, 
Joseph Nunn, 
Henry Tate, 
Carter Dillion. 
Robert Tate, 
Thos. Nunn, 
John Walker, 
Wm. Turner, 
Rob 1 Searsey, 
Micajah Allen, 
R d Baker, 
John Cox, 
Mordecai Hord, 
Henry Dillon, 
Geo. Waller, 
Arch 8 Hughes, 
Jon" Hanby, 
James Savant, 
Peter Vardeman, 
Edmund Lyne, 

John X Corbitt, 

Jno. Murphy, 
James East, 
John Pelfry, 
John Turner, 
Thompson Dickson, 
Wm. Cox, Ju r , 
Jos. Blair, 



Ch 5 Collier, 
James Charles, 
Francis Quarles, 
Joel Barker, 
John Colyer, 
Darril Smith, 
Humphry Posey, 
Abraham Adams, 
John Menefee, 
Christian Rotz, 
John Fling, 
William Lako, 
Amos Richardson, 
John Gussett, 
James Standefer, 
John Barksdale, 
Mark Foster, 
Baynes Carter, 
James Isom, 
James Frenor, 


Ch* Dotson, 
George Lawson, 
John Noe, Ju r , 
Charles Barker, 
Charles Foster, 
John Witt, 
Wm. Witt, 
Mich 1 Rowland, 
Wm. Menefee, 
Jacob Road, 
John Doughten, 
William Ryan, 
George Sumpter, 
John Stamps, 
John Davis, 
Henry Barksdale, 
Sam. Hairston, 
Benj" Stinnet, 
John Going, 
David Chad well. 


Papers Relating to the Administration of Governor 

Nicholson and to the Founding of William 

and Mary College. 


A Modest Reply to Mr. Commissary Blair's Answer to 

My Reasons for Quitting ye College. P [er] Mungo 


Virginia, February 15, 1705. 

The first thing I observe in Mr. Blair's answer to my Reasons 
for Quitting ye College is, y' he bestows upon y m ye odious 
compellation of a bitter Invective & gross Callumnies. But say- 
ing & proving are two things, and many times very Different; 
every Body knows y l a Gal'd horse will winch. I find it is as 
dangerous to say any y* ag" ye unreasonableness of Mr. Blair's